3D Digital Services

3D Services

Digital prints –
Files that are print ready, requiring no repair or alteration.  Shipping not included.


per arch
File prep/correction/repair –
Files that are not print ready, requiring repair and/or alteration.  Typical charge is $4.50 (or 0.25 hours).


per hour
Bracket removal
Files that include brackets require removal for a proper appliance fitting.


per arch
Wire / chain removal –
Wires and chains present the most challenging conditions requiring tremendous time and effort.  It is encouraged to send scans which do not have wires or chains.


per arch
Tooth adjustment –
Spring aligners require that a tooth be placed in a target position .


per tooth
Band fitting –
Appliances that require bands require that the model is configured to accommodate the band before production.


per molar
Labeling –
Your patients may enjoy a personalized model of their bite before you’ve perfected their smile.


per arch